Parking management systems


UHF passive tag reading system that can be integrated into ESPAS 30 parking systems.

The Tuva antenna, installed near the ESPAS 30 I and ESPAS 30 U entry and exit posts, allows motorists with valid adhesive tags on their windscreens to enter and exit the car park quickly, without having to show anything at the post.


The antenna is integrated into the post at each of the transit points to be covered. It points towards the lane: in this way, as a vehicle equipped with a Tuva Tag associated to a valid season ticket comes near, the gate will open to let it pass.

Car park users who opt to use this technology do not need to have an ISO or swipe card to enter or leave the car park, and can go through the transit points in a quick, orderly way.

Season tickets based on Tuva technology can be of all types, using any type of software. They can be renewed either at attended stations or automatic pay stations.



See attached Catalogue for Details.