Parking management systems


The ESPAS 30 Car Park Management System controls all of the ESPAS 30 units within the networked system. It also functions as a POS terminal. The system consists of a PC, server, monitor, scanner & card reader and a receipt printer. It provides a complete, reliable and user-friendly system in a single solution. The same PC works as a manned pay station for payment operations. The systems comes with JANICA software which allows a variery of operations including parking time payments, issue and renewal of season tickets and tariff management. The system is configuarble with additional accessories including a ticket printer, courtesy display, cash box and proximity reader for season tickets.


• Personal computer complete with 19” LCD monitor, mouse and keyboard

• Barcode reader with manual laser scanner

• RS485 interface device for connection to entry and exit stations

• Network hub for connection to the ESPAS 30-P automatic pay station

• Receipt printer


• Ticket/pass printer

• Courtesy display

• Desktop proximity reader for season tickets

• Cash box


• ESPAS 30 SERVER: system server without manning function

• ESPAS 30 SERVER TE: system server with extended temperature for outdoor installations

•ESPAS 30 CLIENT MANNED PAY STATION: client pay station function only, without server

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